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How to decide on the right professional video company for your Paisley project…

There are many factors to take in to account when it comes to selecting the right professional video company for your Paisley project; to help you in making your decision, here are five factors to help you out…

Anyone can do it… or can they?

With smart phones, smart camcorders and other technology now available to the masses, you may find that people say they can create a filming masterpiece but, can they really?

You will need to ask the companies in question about the type and quality of their equipment, as well as asking about the people who will be operating them. Likewise, you will want to know how long the video company intend to spend on the three stages of you Paisley project: pre-production planning, the filming itself and post-production editing.

Skills and experience

You are not only looking for a professional looking piece, but one that ‘matches’ your company, product or service. You may want something quirky and different, or you may have a certain editorial style in mind and you need to be uber-confident before you part with your cash that you will get the product you want.

The basis of ‘getting what you want’ depends on the skills and experience of the team that will be working on your project; check them out by asking to look at some ideas of their previous work.


No company of a professional ilk will simply plunge on it and start filming; there is a tradition that still remains true today that there is a lot of planning involved in creating the perfect piece of film. Before committing to film, the company should be spending time with you to ascertain what the objectives are for your filming project. They need to be asking you the right question and you need to be sure about what it is you want and need from your video.

Saving money and time

A professional video company can offer Paisley businesses so many opportunities to save money and time; you may have a fixed idea of how you want to proceed with your project but the idea of engaging a professional company is to gain as much from their expertise as possible. This rings true of them helping you when it comes to scheduling filming, for example; a half day can be just as productive as a full day, with a lot of sitting about…


You will of course, need to have a rapport with the video company working on your Paisley project to get the best results for your business from the filming project!

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