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Some more facts and figures that show the potential reach of corporate videos shared online!

Are you looking to boost your online sales or up the figures of visitors to your website so that you have improved chances of converting these visitors in to customers?

No Livingston business, regardless of what product or service they sell, can afford to ignore the power of video but, like many other aspects of business, assuming the ‘do it yourself’ approach could do more damage than good… which is why hiring a professional video company in Livingston is the great step forward!

But, what other rewards could you be reaping online with informative film on your company, product or service?

In the last 30 days, research suggests that 80% of web users will recall watching a video online and that this was an advertisement or infomercial by a business but, if that statistic is staggering take a look at what they then did…

46% (that’s more or less half!) of the people who viewed the video then went on to do something about it:

  • 26% of user looked for more information on the subject the video covered
  • 22% of users visited the website of the company named in the video
  • 15% called in to the company shops or premises as a direct result of the ad
  • And 12% purchased the product or service that was advertised

For a relatively small investment in a video company local to Livingston, you too could have great advertisements AND buying customers!

But, to make sure you know just how great online videos – whether they are commercial or information giving pieces – they can draw in the customers for you: in research, consumers liked to idea that a business would give them information on the product or service they were seeking, and did so freely.

Providing it was not a ‘sell, sell, sell!’ video (customers consider this too brash), 64% were more likely to buy from that company.

And so there are two important advantages of hiring a video company in Livingston:

  • They will produce film that will suit your company and be of a high quality, not just in terms of the final quality of the product but the content too
  • And content is incredibly important – obvious selling is not always welcome, but informative, succinct and great film is. Consumers are looking for information and ideas; they know they want to buy but they want information first. Too brash and they navigate away.

And finally…

If you are an online business, you will probably be keeping an eye on search engine algorithms – how they determine what websites rank where on their pages – and you will know that video is becoming an important ranking tool, especially when combined with ‘likes and shares’ that tell the search engines people think you content is authoritative and useful.

Can you afford to ignore online videos much longer?



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