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How to avoid the cheesy corporate video…

We have all been made to sit through, at some point of other, a corporate video that should have been archived a long time ago. With shaky camera shots, synthesised music and a monotonous voice over, the corporate video has not always enjoyed the most pleasing of reputations. Hence, if you are looking to create a video for your company, how do you go about avoiding the pitfall of cheesiness?

Don’t assume you can do it yourself

With budgets tight and software in abundance, we all assume that videoing is an easy thing to do and with some clever editing, your corporate video could be up to scratch. But in all honesty, if it is not your area of expertise, it is probably best left to a professional video company in Glasgow, because…

… they will know all about video quality

You may think your camera is fit for the job – after all, you may have spent hundreds on it – but a professional video company in Glasgow will have ‘professional’ gear, from the right cameras to lighting… and more. Creating a high quality video in terms of viewability is about the megapixel count, just like with photographs. If you want realistic and professional videography, then go professional each and every time – you won’t be disappointed.

… they will also know about lighting and framing

There is a lot more involved in creating a great video than just point the camera and pressing ‘record’. The lighting needs to be just right – and may need adjusting from shot to shot. Likewise, they will know how to frame each shot so that the right message gets across and your corporate film is no worthy of the many TV ‘blooper’ shows.

… they will know how to edit

Your video is all about getting your point across, whether this is a training video or a marketing one and having it edited to a professional standard is essential. A video company in Glasgow, like Tempest Productions, are adept, creative professionals in the field of editing. Key points are emphasised and the attention of the viewer maintained.

… they have the time

Creating, designing, shooting and editing a piece of film, no matter how short, takes far more time than you think. Creating it ‘in house’ will take a group of people away from their main tasks and roles for a long time’ invariable, what tends to happen as a result, it never quite gets finished or there are aspects of the final product that don’t feel or look ‘right’. A professional video company in Glasgow could all this done, quicker but still creating a great, unique product for you.

Marketing and advertising is even more important in these days of the Internet and social media. It is a constantly evolving world of adverts and information that seems to change far more quickly. Consumers of your products and services demand far more and are savvier in their decision making processes so get it right by engaging the right video company in Glasgow – Tempest Productions.



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