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Video production – 5 essential factors when choosing a video company in Edinburgh

Increasingly, companies and businesses are having to find unique, yet informative ways of reaching their target audience. Just like written social media, getting your presence online in film format will become increasingly important. Recent changes to search engine algorithms, mean that fun and information content is no longer a luxury – it is not essential.

As a result, more and more companies are looking to professional production companies to make short films that are creative, communicative and fit with their company’s culture. But, with such a large investment of both time and money, it is just as essential to get the right video company in Edinburgh for you – so what factors make it in to the Top 5?

Tip 1: Money or passion?

On one hand, making sure you stay within your marketing budget is one thing, but ensuring you engage a video company in Edinburgh that cares about your, your company, your message and the finished product is paramount. Are they genuinely interested? Do they ask questions, suggesting ideas as to how video could work for you and your business?

Tip 2: Creativity

If creating a piece of unique film was easy, we would all be doing it! Hence, making sure you get what you want and need is imperative; if you feel that you are getting a revamped version of another company’s film or repeat of a piece of video, look elsewhere. Just the same as you would with other creative professionals, such as web designers, take time to talk and be clear about what it is you want to achieve from this project.

Tip 3: Like-minded

Take time to do some online research of the video company in Edinburgh you think you may work with. Their website, blog and portfolio should tell you more about them as a company and whether their culture fits with your own company and business.

Tip 4: Production quality

Really look at the examples from the video company in Edinburgh and scrutinise the film; are they well-shot and lit? Are they creating the right ambience? Does it all look a bit too jumpy and amateur? However, there is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this question as the real honest opinion lies in whether you like their work – or not.

Tip 5: Budget

On one hand, many people are put off by the cost of professional video production but think if this type of project as an investment and you will not go far wrong. Price is always a major consideration in any project, but ask for a breakdown of what you will – and will not – be getting for the money.

Having an idea of what you want from a video company in Edinburgh is one way of ensuring you get the best possible service and product from the right production company – with a fruitful long term relationship too!



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