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The questions to ask to get the BEST video company working on your East Kilbride project

Regardless of what line of trade or industry you are in, if you are online via your own website and on social media, you will now how important it is to include photographs but the trend is changing; including video is becoming more important too.

But, before you plunge headlong in to creating a ‘home movie’ of your work, take some time to think about what it is you are filming, what it says about you, how the quality looks and whether it makes the positive impact you demand if it.

Falling short? You need to hire a professional video company, local to East Kilbride and to get the best, here are some questions you may need to ask…

Ask about the team – how qualified and experienced are they?

You need to know that the team you are engaging know what they are doing, with the latest techniques to create a quality piece of filming – but don’t forget about the editing too! How it is put together, as well as what the final piece will look like, is essential too.

What is your budget? Can the firm deliver to your deadline for this price?

You may have a deadline to which you want the project completed but you do need to be realistic – demanding a quality piece in a few hours is not the right way to go about such a professional project with so much riding on it. Corporate filming by a professional video company for your East Kilbride project may be part of a larger marketing plan, and you may need to review or adjust these deadlines. Remembering, last minute deadlines may demand a higher fee from a company.
Many video companies have packages that suit a variety of budget, but you will be surprised to learn how cost-effective professional filming services are!

How can the video company make your project unique?

Of course, like many other aspects when it comes to marketing your company, you need to make sure that you have an angle or a slant to your videos that sets them apart from your competitors but also attract much-needed custom to your business. 

You are looking for ideas from a professional video company for your East Kilbride project that captures the interest and attention of your audience. Take a look at their previous work in their portfolio; do they seem to exhibit one style or do they have many?

What editing software do they use?

What you are looking for in answer to this question is that they use a professional piece of kit, rather than a freebie piece of software which will have limited capabilities. In terms of editing, you will also want to know how they can put things together too; after all, you are investing in a piece of film that you may want to use over and over again to sell your company, products or services.

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