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The power of film – how sharing information about you, your product on services online with video can be one of the most powerful things EVER!

Video, vines, corporate films… whatever you want to call them, they are making a big impact and so if you haven’t invested the time, energy or money in to creating professional videos for your company or business, you are missing an important, powerful trick especially if your films are professional produced by a video company, local to your Cumbernauld business…

1 minute of video is the equivalent to 1.8 million words

Or around 3,600 web pages according to research. In other words, the amount of information that can be included in a short piece of film has a higher impact than asking people to read pages and pages of text. Whilst content and the printed word has a place on your website and other areas of your business, may be now is the time to consider what you could convey to customers through the use of film?

Using it online is important too. Take a look at these statistics…

  • 45% - or nearly half of us – that search the web will watch at least one video or piece of film in one month’s activity on the web. Think this is a small number? Users are exposed to roughly 32 videos as options when they search and in some business or topic areas, this viewing figure could be higher but, the important point to note is, this figure looks let increase.
  • 100 million – this is the number of internet users watching videos via the internet every day; on one hand, we cannot break this down in to how many will be watching the latest viral vid but, it shows that people like and watch videos.
  • 90% - this whopping figure are the numbers of people who say that videos that help and inform them directly influenced their buying decision FROM THAT COMPANY OR RETAILER! And so just like informative content pulls the punters in, so does video. Your consumers like it and use it – do you?
  • 75% - of business customers also say they watch, and use online videos regarding product, services and other companies they could and potentially do business with as a means of working out who the company are. If they watch you film on another social media platform, such as You Tube, at least 65% of these viewers will click through to your website after watching…

And finally…

16 minutes and 49 seconds, research suggests, is the amount of time the average user spends watching online videos each month and that they appreciate those films that are sleek and professional; isn’t it time you hired a professional video company in Cumbernauld?
Wouldn’t it be great if a portion of these users were potential customers?

Now is the time to look at getting a professional video company, local to Cumbernauld, to help you create the right film to attract your key audience or consumer.


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